I Yu is a textile factory to supply all kind of fabric including rayon, acetate, nylon, polyester and acrylic since 1959. From time to time, it transformed into producing industry cloth in the field of rubber yacht, shoe material and artificial flower material (Polyester Taffeta).

In 1985, I Yu started making normal yarn for windsurfing kite sails, training sails and hot sails. In the same time, another normal yarn was developed for patch cloth of which widely used by HK sailmakers, Winlok, Gaastra and Sails East sailmakers.

In order to keep us at the forefront of the market trends, I Yu is full of enthusiasm about R&D, such a spirit not only inspiring our thinking to make service worldwide, but also being our driving force to focus the development of highest performance fabrics. In year 2000 - 2003, I Yu had successfully developed the high tenacity polyester and achieved sail cloth in specs. The heavier high tenacity sailcloths were elaborated during that period of time. Mark Cloth was one of the beneficiaries. It is the product that accepted by most sailmakers. In year 2010, we came out another product which suitable for all purpose economical sails cruising yachts, tall ships and the classic old timers. The fabrics are based on the Low Aspect styles, woven with the best high tenacity yarns and coated with a very efficient double sided UV2 We do not satisfy to make the service in the field of sailcloth only but involving in allied materials/ accessories and hardware comprising of a wide range of the products for yacht sails, windsurfing and kitesurfing. In year 2005, I Yu has well developed the kitesurfing materials – Canoppy and Darcon. These 2 items provide full range of support to water sports.

Diversification is the market trend. Base on our fundamental experience and knowledge, we diversify our business from production of sailcloth to accessories and hardware comprising of a wide range of the products for yachting, windsurfing and kitesurfing. In order to facilitate our customer, we also provide one stop shop services from manufacturing, distribution and marketing to customer services.

We aim to strengthen collaborative activities with associates, therefore, we are looking for long-term relationship business partners. We will work closely with our customers so as to provide solutions, share market trend and our experience to them.

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